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Being an African myself, I love Africa and the potentials Africans carry. If you study global population dynamics you will know that the money is in Africa. We have some of the fastest growing youth population and growth in middle income demography in the world but what we lack online is content.

I mean content that generate income. When I mean content, I mean stuff people can buy and sell, be it products and services. There are people doing things here and there but we need to build the critical mass that will generate massive income for us and reduce unemployment.

But how can you display your content if you don’t have a website?

Yes someone may say I do all my stuff and make money on social media platforms like Facebook Instagram and the like.

This is a good way to start. Everyone that is not on social media today is probably from the Stone Age but there is a limit to what you can achieve on social media.

When you are able to integrate and sync your social with your website offering products and services that is the bomb!

Imagine Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or those big names you know. Social helps to aid there core business not the other way round.

We need our own content online.

You check it out, most of the content you view online, the site you go to are not African sites, they are foreign. This because to a large extent we lack our own content.

We need to change our mind-set and start getting online with our own content. Let’s have our own websites and take on the world.

The population of the world is about 7 billion and growing towards the 8 billion mark. This makes the world your domain and gives you access to the global market.

We need to start thinking of what we can sell to the world not just buy and buy from them. I mean products and services that our small businesses like yours can sell to almost 7 billion people.

Remove the local mentality, think continental, think global, launch your website and be counted among businesses that matter and are changing lives.

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