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website design for small businesses

Website design promo in your currency starting @ $1.70 website is offering start-ups and small businesses quality website design. This offer will help your businesses start the online journey and have your own online website.

We are talking about good quality websites designed by professionals with years of experience.

Website design Promo 1

The first offer will cost $ 1.7 per day for 30 days which will be the equivalent of $ 49.90 in your local currency, payable once. You will get a beautiful website of international standard.

Your website will have 3 to 5 pages.

With this offer you will be hosting your website on your own website host.

You will need to provide the content and graphics for the website

Website design promo 2

The second offer will cost US$ 1.7 per day for 30 days which will be the equivalent of US$ 89.90 in your local currency. You will get a beautiful website of international standard.

This offer will give you up to 10 or more pages of website content

This offer comes with free hosting for 1 year.

Free web domain name for 1 year for your .com,,, and domain names.

We will help you with basic onsite SEO to get your website running.

Your website will come with multiple email accounts of choice.

Why the promo

We want to help African businesses, small businesses and start-ups get online and open up their business to the many business opportunities they can be afforded online by having their own website in Africa.

The small business and particularly the start-up is faced with lots of challenges including sourcing finance when starting their businesses. These packages will help alleviate some of these challenges and get your business we believe having your business online can be affordable.

A website is a critical tool for any small business

What you need for your website.

Website pages: You need to determine the number of pages you need for your website. The basic will be the home page, contact page, services or products page. The number

Website Content: these are the words you need us to include on the web pages.

Graphics content: these are pictures and images you need to have on your site.

These are the basics you need to have your site ready. With this we can have your site to you in a few days.

Features of the sites

  • The defined number of pages
  • All sites are responsive, that is they are mobile compliant.
  • Professionally designed.
  • Flexible payment terms.
  • Revisions are welcome.

How will payment work? is happy to take part payment, we do the work on our server and when you are happy we transfer to your server.

If we will be working on your server from the onset then we will ask for full payment upfront.

Payment can be made through checkout, PayPal, bank transfer, Payfast and other payment platform.

For more information, questions and enquiries, please contact us on

Email: webdesign (@)

Whatsapp: +27 815 259 315




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