Do I really need a website for my business?

Just as cash is critical to the survival of your business, having a website online, hosted and functional is a critical life line for your business in the 21st Century. You need a website!

web design for small businesses

Do I need a really need a website for my business?

This was the question a small business owner had a chat with a few weeks back asked. I started by chatting to him on a general terms, then asked him what he was doing? He was into recycling. I then asked him how he gets a client and if he is online.

He said he did not need a website. So I asked him how he thought clients will reach him if he did not have a website.

I further asked him that if he was looking for something today, how did he get it and where did he go searching for it.

He said online, he googles it. So I asked if he googles and he is not on “google” hw did he expect to be seen or how will his potential customers connect to him?

He was dumbfounded.

His position is probably similar to that of hundreds or even thousands of budding business owners, small businesses, SMEs and startups, who think they don’t need a website.

There was a time when if you wanted something, you went to the paper directory, or you used a paper map to get from point A to point B. you need to move from the paper age to the online age.

Do one looks at directories any more to find a service neither do people use paper maps to move around. They GPS it!

Having an online present is no longer an option. It is a must to have a website. Imagine having a house without an address, how will people locate you.

Whatever business you have create an online present. Put your website out there and get it hosted.

One myth that stops starts ups and small businesses from hosting is that they think it will cost a arm and leg.

It should not be expensive to have your own website and get it hosted. is here to ensure that you can have a nice, cool website, web designed and hosted online at minimal costs. We offer affordable website design globally and and website design in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Lesotho, Tanzania and a host of other African countries.

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