What you need to design a professional website.

Learn about all you need to get your own website up and running. Find out all you need to get online

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What you need to design a professional website.

Is your website online yet? Am here again with simple tips to get your website online and running. There are two majors players involved when it comes to designing a website. Most people think you just look for a website designer and voila it’s all sorted. Not so!

If we don’t understand how it works, we will have challenges and “fight” with professionals unnecessarily.

You the client or owner of the website is one party with some responsibilities. I will highlight a summary of those responsibilities shortly.

Secondly the website designer you hired is also responsible for coming up with a good website.

Now what are your responsibilities?

You need to provide the content for your pages. This is not the role of the web designer.

You need to provide graphics, at least some graphics to the website professional.

With the advice of the website designer you need to give an indication of the number of page, the menu, title of the pages and other relevant information like inclusion of sliders, banners, forms etc.

Have these information readily available to the website designer. This will help avoid delays and ensure that your website is completed within the agreed time.

Now to the professional website designer.

This person must be experienced and know about website design. They should give you details about what they will be doing. This is the person that puts all the information you have gathered and provided together to come up with your website.

The website designer should be able to tell you what application he is using for the site. CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS application. Or if they are using HTML or other programming languages.

Every website is as unique as the owner of the website. After the website is designed, it is then hosted and your site is up and running in no time

At Host24.host, with this information we will create your website for you in the shortest possible time, with revisions and corrections to get you up and running in no time.

Our passion is to help individuals, small businesses, SME and start-ups get online.

It is affordable and professionally designed.


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