How to get a website

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How to get a website

There was a time when you got your website online it was big deal, you felt like you were on top of the moon. There was so much excitement. Well that time may have passed by now because “everyone” seem to have a website now or know about hosting a website online.

You need a website to be able to function online, run your business effectively and bring more business to yourself. To a very large extent your business and business endeavours in 2018 will be limited without a website. How would you be found online if you don’t have a website.

Your website is your online address, your online presence, location and how people find you online.

The internet has created lots of new words such as “Google it”. Few still use hard copy directories. Nowadays everyone Googles it. And if your site is not online Google cannot find you or should I say you cannot be found by Google.

You need to get your own website online. Now how do you get your site online? First you need a domain name, like,, or some other domain names. Secondly you need to have your website designed. And then lastly you need to host your website online.

These are the simple processes you need to follow to get your site online.

Its not rocket science neither is web design complicated anymore.

In the beginning, website design was an herculean task. You needed complicated applications like ColdFusion and other Adobe applications. Today it’s a breeze.

You can have your website online in no time.

At we believe that everyone should have their own website, particularly in Africa. It’s your online address. If you are not there you cannot be found!

We are on a mission to provide affordable, quality and professionally designed websites for small businesses, blogs and individuals’ globally and particularly in Africa.

With years of experience hosting websites, designing websites and managing websites, we can help you fulfil your dreams of getting your websites online.

Talk to us today, get your website online and let the world Google you too! We offer affordable hosting and website design to small business.

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